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Hi! 👋 

We’re Joe & Civvy; husband and wife, owner/operators, and your hosts at Shady Grove Campground. Glad to meet ya!

Selfie of Joe and Civvy

We originally met in 2009 in NJ where we both grew up. In 2011 we moved to Manhattan for a year before settling down in Georgia for 8 years. From there, we found and fell in love with Shady Grove Campground and decided to pack it up and move to Eastern Colorado.

One of our first trips together as a couple was a 22 day cross country road trip where we camped, hiked, and went caving. At the time, neither of us had much experience so we planned so that each stop was a little more challenging. We ran in to some folks hiking the entire Appalachian trail, explored caves in Kentucky and Arkansas, and learned the hard way how much you don’t need when your camp site is a mile hike out. That’s when we fell in love with camping.

Careers have a funny way of leading folks off-course though and so after a several year hiatus from camping, we shifted to remote work, bought a fifth-wheel and went full time on the road for several months. Since we’d be working, and had a couple dogs – one of which is not small – space was a concern for Civvy who kept saying “bigger, bigger, bigger” and Joe didn’t want to have to worry about not fitting places so he was team “smaller, smaller, smaller.” In the end, we compromised on a 35′ and hit the road.

Image of a Fifth Wheel RV parked on the shore of Lake Meredith
Dry camping on the shore of Lake Meredith in Fritch, TX before we had an appreciation of how little battery power we had.

We had a blast! We decided “this is the life” and when we returned to GA, we started looking for a campground to purchase. One of the things we learned on the road was just how many different kinds of campgrounds there are. There’s long term, seasonal, short term, overnight, destination, family friendly, 55+, and more! In the end, we were really inspired by the Ole Town Cotton Gin RV Park. It was an overnight stop for us in a small town as we were passing through Texas. It was easy in and out, had just the right amenities for an overnight stop, and yet lacked no charm whatsoever. We figured a park like that was something we could manage ourselves while providing folks a little small town charm just as we’d experienced.

We sold the fifth wheel for some cash for the down payment (it was too big anyway, lol) and in June of 2020 became the proud owners of Shady Grove Campground in Seibert, CO.

We hope you have a nice stay! If you’re here for a night or for awhile we look forward to meeting you and hearing your story, too!